Peugeot Onyx : 2012

An efficient superbike concept.
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Backed by the considerable experience of Peugeot Cycles in competition, the teams have designed a CLM (Contre La Montre), time trial, bike.

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2012 Peugeot Onyx superbike concept.

This is a timely return to the Marque’s roots, in the world of speed and efficiency. In 1998, a Peugeot bike broke the downhill record on snow, reaching 212.139km/h. The Marque was also the first, in the Tour de France, to use futuristic and revolutionary CLM bikes.

In fact, the engineers had already been inspired by the motor industry with work in a wind tunnel, a carbon monocoque frame, profiled wheels, disc brakes.... and, for the cyclist, a plastic coated suit with 0% coefficient of penetration.

For the Onyx Concept Bike, the designers of Peugeot Cycles were inspired by the Onyx Supercar Concept to design a CLM bike, which propels the Marque into the future with a modern and efficient style.

A machine for beating time.
The taut and mastered lines of the carbon monocoque frame optimise the aerodynamics of the Onyx Concept Bike. Also made in this material, the 80mm high wheels and the saddle post are profiled for overall performance. Nothing is left to hinder the efficiency of movement. So, the cables, the brakes and the battery are fully integrated. This battery supplies the aircraft wing instrument panel, where the cyclist intuitively finds the electric controls for changing gear.

The riding position can be adjusted with precision so that the athlete becomes at one with their bike. To get the best possible efficiency out of their physical condition, oval-shaped pedals optimise the delivery of power. The cyclist now has a stylish and efficient CLM with which to compete with style in their race against the air and time.

"Designing a Time Trial bike is a real challenge, but Peugeot Cycles carries performance and style in its genes. Drawing on this considerable experience we created the Onyx Concept Bike - a beautiful, high-performance, competitive bike." Sandrine Bouvier, Cycles Product Manager.

(source: Peugeot)

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