Maserati Montante : 2011

Bicycle made to order.
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Montante for Maserati bicycles are made-to-measure to fit the rider perfectly.

maserati montante 11

2011 Montante for Maserati 8CTF.

Bicycle made to order. Delivery for 2 months from receipt of order payment..
Steel frame with Columbus tubes special series. Junction in micro-fused steel on the saddle, CNC steel forks. It is completely soldered by hand, with particular curvatures on the saddle tube and on the rear vertical covers to exalt comfort and the reactivity to the use. Integrally chromed and painted by the original coloured of Maserati 8CTF.

Special steel fork with straight and asymmetric covers to balance torsions generated by the disk break assembled on the left main bearings. Head in micro-fused steel, forks with a special design in CNC steel. Disk break with mechanical action clamp, special cover in CNC aluminium and “margherita” disc Ø 140 mm. Aluminium wheel hub with pivot assembled on proof bearings.

Gasket in forged aluminium at fixed connection, rear hub with an integrated pinion and a free wheel selector of functioning. Box central movement with proof bearings and steel chain 5/8” painted in the same colour. Aluminium pedals with a pivot on bearings, pedal block in chrome steel covered by leather and natural hide wristband.

Montante high-profile aluminium rim, spokes pre-painted by Inox steel. Old style bi-coloured covers with a reflecting band. Aluminium saddle support with a forged head, handlebar junction in forged aluminium, Montante race handlebar fold in chrome steel.

Saddle, handlebar cover and pedal block are covered by grain leather, the same colour and material used for the Maserati 8CTF leather saddle. The front part of the handlebar, the target on the horizontal frame tube and the blocking washer on the handlebar fold are in chrome brazen and painted by hand. Montante Maserati 8CTF bicycle will be produced in a limited series with 200 exemplars , to remind the circuit laps of Indianapolis circuit driven by Wilbur Shaw with his Maserati in 1940. There are three different kind of frame: S-M-L. Every exemplars is numbered with the owner’s name on it. This bicycle has got a series of cycle spokes in painted steel in the same colour of the frame and it has got a pocket-size key which allows to regulate the saddle and the selection of three directions of use in free wheel / fixed release.

"Montante for Maserati bicycles are made-to-measure to fit the rider perfectly". This is why the sizes vary from person to person and, when purchasing the frame, the ideal size should be chosen.

Trach Handlebar "Classic Steel Chromed".
The handlebar mounted on Montante for Maserati, constructed in accordance with the curvature of the track handlebars of 60s and 70s, in proposed in first assembly in combination with a stem made of forged aluminum, to give to the livery expect of the bike, the proper respect of the proportions of a standard old-style track bike.

The very large knob and the absence of brake levers allow the user the opportunity to challenge the handlebars in any position, but always maintaining a position of support tend to "race" (ie with high aerodynamic, very marked, dynamic thrust angle, and compresed shoulders). During unloading, you can challenge the fold on the top, the width of which is deliberately reduced to the size of 40 cm center/center, to contain the clutter and give to the cross bike/rider a proper harmony; even in this case, the curves are very large, and let to find the most ergonomic position when in use.

Spadino Handlebar Steel Chromed.
As an option it is provided SPADINO handlebar kit, consisting of a straight fold in chromed steel + a forged aluminum stem. This combination, in full stylistic affinity with the requirements of the sport touring bikes of the 60s and 70s, allows the user to be more comfortable in the riding position, while the driving experience becomes more immediate and allow for optimal control of the means, even to people with less familiarity with the use of the bicycle.

About Montante.
Montante Cicli, one of the most prestigious brand for bicycle production, has been founded thanks to the passion for bicycles of Calogero Montante in the Twenties. Innovation and quality were and are the main characteristic of bicycles produced by this company which became an important reference for all National production.

The prestige of the brand grew in the years and Montante bicycles became the official vehicle of the Italian Army. An endless and an unstoppable success which brings Montante bicycles to become a real object of cult, expression of the Made in Italy elegance and the highest style of two wheels.

(source: Maserati)

maserati montante tube 11

2011 Montante for Maserati 8CTF tube.

maserati montante seat 11

2011 Montante for Maserati 8CTF seat.

maserati montante brake 11

2011 Montante for Maserati 8CTF brake.

montante cicli logo

Montante Cicli logo.

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