Karbon Kinteics Gocycle : 2009

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Gocycle® is a new class of electric city cycle. Designed, developed and assembled in the United Kingdom by KKL, Gocycle is the lightest electric bicycle in the world weighing 16.2kg.

Gocycle's on-demand power comes from its Empower Pack® lightweight and micro-sized motor and electric control system. The electronic controls are placed within the front motor fork assembly for efficient power transfer from battery to motor.

With Gocycle, KKL introduces several breakthrough technologies and features to the bicycle industry. Gocycle is the world's first production bicycle to feature a completely enclosed multi-speed chain-drive with side-mounted wheels. The internationally patented Cleandrive® system's sequential three-speed, enclosed chain drive seals the chain and transmission to keep the rider's clothes clean, while offering a zero-maintenance drive-train.

gocycle 2

2009 Karbon Kinetics Gocycle.

Gocycle is also the first bicycle in history to use a magnesium injection-moulded frameset and wheels. Gocycle's entire frame and wheels are injection-moulded in high-tech and lightweight magnesium alloy. The Magflow® process delivers the smooth, seamless look and performance of carbon fibre but at one-tenth of the cost. This makes it possible to offer Gocycle at a price that is affordable for young city professionals and their families.

Gocycle is now available EU-wide at a retail price of 1158 GBP

Frame - Magflow® injection moulded magnesium
Color - So White
Head Angle - 70°
Seat Tube Angle - 68°
Wheelbase - 1065mm (42in)
Bottom Bracket Height - 275mm (11.5in)
Transmission - Cleandrive® fully sealed 3‐speed sequential gearbox
Wheels - Pitstop® side‐mounted Magflow®
Tires - Gocycle® Vredestein with reflector side wall, 406‐47/20‐1.75in (BMX)
Brakes - Gocycle integrated floating disk mechanical
Front Suspension - Fixed
Rear Suspension - Gocycle Lockshock™ 25mm (1in) travel
Seat Tube - Vgonomic™ inline height adjustable
Saddle - Velo D2 Comfort
Stem - Vgonomic™ height and reach adjustable
Motor - Gocycle 250 Watt continuous
Battery - 9Ah NiMH
Controller - Gocycle proprietary
Charger - 3.5 hour full recharge

EU mode: 13km‐32km (8‐20 miles) depending on pedal input
USA mode: 9km‐32km (6‐20 miles) depending on pedal input

EU mode: 24km/h (15mph)
USA mode: 29km/h (18mph)

Stowable Dimensions
650mm x 540mm x 260mm (25.5in x 21.2in x 10.2in), including motor, battery and charger

16.2kg (35.6 lbs), including mudguards and Empower Pack
11.9kg (26.2 lbs), excluding mudguards and Empower Pack
Max Rider Weight 100kg (220 lbs), including clothing and backpack

(source: Gocycle)

gocycle 1

2009 Karbon Kinetics Gocycle.

gocycle pitstopwheel

2009 Karbon Kinetics Gocycle PitstopWheel.

gocycle magflow

2009 Karbon Kinetics Gocycle Magflow.

gocycle motor

2009 Karbon Kinetics Gocycle motor.

gocycle cleandrive

2009 Karbon Kinetics Gocycle Cleandrive.

gocycle empowerpack

2009 Karbon Kinetics Gocycle EmpowerPack.

gocycle lockshock

2009 Karbon Kinetics Gocycle Lockshock.

gocycle powerbutton

2009 Karbon Kinetics Gocycle power button.

gocycle logo

Gocycle logo.

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