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Bau Bike : 2009

Designed by Michael Ubbesen Jakobsen.
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n/a 2009
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The BauBike is inspired by Bauhaus design.
It is constructed around the geometric shape of the square and the equilateral triangle. The design is stripped down to clean lines and raw material.

baubike 09.png

2009 Bau Bike.

The open-end piece above the back wheel, offers the possibility to customize the function of the bike to whatever need you may have. The different accessories can be placed in the tube and can easily be changed if needed.

The design follows a set of formal rules, limiting the geometry to straight lines in a pattern of 60 and 90 degree angles in proportions following the principle of the golden section.

By limiting the form with a fixed set of design rules and stepping away from the traditional function-oriented approach to the design process, this project transcends the border between design and art, raising fundamental questions about the nature of the bike as design and as a lifestyle accessory and introducing a much needed playfulness on the bicycle scene.

The BauBike is a bike for the modern urban society where adaptability is a necessity.

(source: BauBike)

baubike seat 09.png

2009 Bau Bike.

baubike grip2 09.png

2009 Bau Bike.

baubike grip1 09.png

2009 Bau Bike.

baubike pedal 09.png

2009 Bau Bike.

baubike chain 09.png

2009 Bau Bike.

baubike logo.png

BauBike logo.

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