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Masi is one of the oldest and most respected brands of road bikes in the world. A brand born shortly after World War I in the cradle of road bike civilization: Italy.

When Faliero Masi founded his company in the 1930s he quickly earned a reputation for building breathtakingly beautiful steel bikes, fused by precisely shaped lugs, and crisply defined torchwork. His bikes were so absolutely dialed he became known as "The Tailor", for his made-to-measure perfection.


1960s Masi logo drawing. (source: Cicli Su Carta)

What made Masi bikes great was a combination of craftsmanship and feel. His meticulously sculpted frames featured geometries that imparted life to his bikes. Faliero Masi didn't take up the torch until his professional racing career was over. By then he'd lived the life of a racer, a pro good enough to be selected for the Giro d'Italia. What other frame builders of his time had to learn about ride and handling from racers' second-hand accounts, Masi knew intimately, first-hand.

Masi's ambition was a relentless quest for perfection, a melding of razor-crisp handling, long-ride comfort and stability, and the lightest and best materials available. That was his vision. And that's why professionals; men and women who would go on to write the history of the hour record, win World Championships and conquer the grand tours-sought him out.

Today, steel is just one material of choice for racing bikes. Now, lightweight alternatives like aluminum, or aluminum/carbon hybrids, offer even greater performance potential. Today's Masi uses every technical advantage available, to continue Faliero's quest for the ultimate performance racer. Every Masi we build is a thoroughbred. That's why they accelerate with snap, why you can sling them into corners with confidence and know that you'll come out fast, and come up smiling.

Masi's uncompromising ideals and passion for cycling are still evident in the bikes produced more than seventy years after the company was founded. They're tailor made to meet the demands of today's riders, just the way Faliero intended.

(source: Masi)

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