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"There are loads of good bikes for specific sports," says designer Jens Martin Skibsted, "But few are built for just getting around town."

biomega ams 1 08

2008 Biomega AMS.

Filling this void is his Biomega AMS 8-Speed Bicycle (2004). When discussing his design, the designer uses the analogy of an Apple computer and a PC: Other bikes may offer more in the way of specialized functionality, but Biomega's integrated design is easy to use, reliable and virtually maintenance free. In other words, it's simple.

This appropriately geared, reliable machine delivers a level of responsiveness that's made for city riding. The bike's cardanic shaft drive is an integrated, chainless transmission that's extremely durable and low maintenance. The upright seating position makes for a pleasant ride and the brake cables run through the frame where they're better protected and out of the way of pedaling legs. The front disc brake is placed where it's needed to handle 80% of braking power. Simple assembly required.

Small: 17.5" (recommended for women who are 5'-5'6" tall)
Medium: 20" (recommended for women who are 5'6"-6' tall)

Medium: 20" (recommended for men who are 5'6"-6' tall)
Large: 22.5" (recommended for men who are 5'6"-6'4" tall)

Aluminum frame.

(source: DWR)

biomega ams 2 08

2008 Biomega AMS.

biomega ams 5 08

2008 Biomega AMS emblem.

biomega ams 4 08

2008 Biomega AMS emblem.

biomega ams 6 08

2008 Biomega AMS emblem.

biomega ams 3 08

2008 Biomega AMS emblem.

biomega ams 7 08

2008 Biomega AMS emblem.

biomega ams draw 08

2008 Biomega AMS diagram.

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