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New Zealand.
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With a bicycle you stretch forward to reach the handlebars – there is nothing inherently natural about that, it is just what you are used to. The upright position on a YikeBike is remarkably comfortable and safer because it is easier to both see and be seen. At a top speed of 20 kph you are never going fast enough for wind resistance to be an issue (and the electric motor is doing the hard work anyway).

yikebike 2

2009 YikeBike.

The YikeBike is the first in the world to have electronic anti-skid brakes, giving smoother braking and a shorter stopping distance than a bicycle. It is likely that you will jump off the front of a YikeBike in an emergency braking situation – this is very easy as there are no handle bars in the way.

One of the key aims of the YikeBike design was to make it very safe and safer than a bicycle:
• Electronic anti-skid brakes give it smooth braking and a short stopping distance.
• Built in brake lights and indicators mean you don't have to take your hands off to signal.
• The rider is in an upright position to allow better visibility in traffic – easier to both see and be seen.
• Short wheel-base means it is more manoeuvrable.
• Speed limited so that it can never go faster than 20 km/h even down hill.
• Super-fast acceleration to allow you to avoid trouble if necessary.
• Distinctive sound so people know you are coming.
• Built in lights that are on all the time, making you more visible to others.
• The handlebars are at the side rather than in front so in the event of an accident or need for an emergency stop the rider’s head or body is not catapulted into an obstacle.

YikeBike is currently going through a certification process in Europe. It is neither legal nor illegal as it has not been designed to fit into existing definitions of a bicycle or any other vehicle. It has been designed to be safer than a bicycle and should be able to be used anywhere a bicycle is used.

(source: YikeBike)

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2009 YikeBike.

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2009 YikeBike.

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2009 YikeBike.

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YikeBike logo.



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