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Richard Sachs has been building bicycle frames since 1972. Unlike many his my peers in the trade who may put their names on frames built by their assistants, or on frames built in the Orient for them to sell here, Richard Sachs works alone.

richard sachs crest

Richard Sachs crest.

For a Richard Sachs frame, he select the geometry, cut and braze the tubes, file the lugs, and do all the tasks necessary to complete the 8 to 10 frames he build each month and has always been this way.

Richard Sachs does not build concept bikes, trade show samples, or unrideable prototypes. He doesn't choose the latest angles for this season's riding position. And he doesn't change his material choice, tube shape, or joining process with each new model year.

What he does build are rationally designed, precisely constructed, hand-finished road racing frames. He uses a proprietary blend of Columbus PegoRichie tubing along with the finest investment cast, forged, and pressed steel fittings available. For his assembled bicycles, he offers Campagnolo Record and Chorus ensembles, and components from Selle San Marco, Challenge, Oval Concepts, Joe Young Wheels, and Off-The-Front to complement his frames.

Recent years have seen an increasing preoccupation with the importance of frame materials relative to a bicycle's performance. For some companies, only tubing recently declassified by the Department of Defense will do. Some claim their bicycles are designed by real engineers with real degrees. Still others may entice you with leaflets depicting bar graphs and CAD/CAM jargon to legitimize their products. In contrast to all this, Richard Sachs does things the "old" way. Few bicycle makers can offer you a frame built as well as his.

The weak link is always the work force. And all the new materials, tube shapes, or joining processes available to the industry cannot mask the compromises that are endemic to mass-produced or even low-volume framebuilding. Little, if anything at all, can cover up the shortcuts taken by other manufacturers whose main goal is to produce the most units at the lowest cost. The bike industry makes money. Richard Sachs makes bikes.

At Richard Sachs Cycles, he is the work force.

Since 1972 Richard's initial and singular goal has been to create a well-made, hand-built, made-to-measure bicycle frame. Through the years he has been able to combine his experience in the sport with his artisan approach to framebuilding to develop a predictable, repeatable construction assembly that enables him to produce a perfectly straight, well-balanced frame, ideally suited to the needs of each and every client placing an order.

Richard insists on actual quality, rather than perceived quality. The success he realizes is due, in part, to the commitment he makes to ensure that no compromise exists in the design, materials, construction, or finish of a Richard Sachs frame or bicycle.

Richard firmly believes that his high standards have been a bit easier to achieve because he does work alone. He has no apprentice and employs no outside help, either in his workroom, or in the form of subcontractors. From beginning to end, Richard does it all. And that includes answering the telephone. If you want to know more about Richard Sachs bicycle frames and how they are made... if you have a question about frame design or construction, proper fit, acceptable alignment, tolerances ... anything at all, call him. He will be the one answering your call, and will be very pleased to tell you more.

(source: Richard Sachs)

richard sachs old logo

Richard Sachs logo.

richard sachs nuovo 07

2007 Nuovo Richie Road Series (Red).

richard sachs newvex 07

2007 NewVex Road Series (White).

richard sachs signature 2 06

2006 Signature Road Series (Frame detail).

richard sachs signature 1 06

2006 Signature Road Series (Frame detail).


While Richard Sachs has an extensive product line, here are just a few.

richard sachs newvex 1 07

2007 NewVex Road Series.

richard sachs cx 06

2006 CX.

richard sachs signature pista 07

2007 Signature Pista.

richard sachs logo

Richard Sachs emblem.

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